CMYK Process
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CMYK True Process Separations

CMYK process separation mixes 4 main colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) to produce a full color image.  This technique is commonly used in offset printing.  When screen printing with process inks some colors like orange, bright red, and green are difficult to reproduce and may be generated by additional screens in order to reproduce a vivid print.  Top white may also be used in order to help blend colors and give the image a pop.

Unlike the above separation techniques, CMYK process inks are transparent and can only be printed on light or white garments.  Although process prints have be reproduced on darks using underlays, I recommend printing with simulated process on darks to achieve a brighter more consistent print.

CMYK 4 color process  -  $80

 Process seps need different screen angles then the other techniques.
Printing Specs:
1. Yellow - 75 degree screen angle
2. Magenta - 45 degree screen angle
3. Cyan - 15 degree screen angle
4. Black - 75 degree screen angle
5. Hilight white - 15 degree screen angle
6. Spot colors - 15 degree screen angle

LPI - 55-65
Dots - Elliptical

Mesh Count -
  1. Base white plate - 230 mesh
  2. All CMYK gradient plates - 255 mesh
  3. Spot color plates - 180 mesh

Spot Color Seps              Simulated Process Seps              Index Color Seps              CMYK Process Seps

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